Thursday, 3 September 2009

Vibing Framework

Here are ways to improve your conversational skills in building comfort in a target;

Typical topics include:
  • logistics
  • ambitions
  • priorities in life
  • values in terms of family and friends
  • personality type
  • day to day habits
  • preferences and abilities
  • childhood experiences
  • romantic and sexual triggers
In order to make it work, you should consider the following after asking a question;
  • her answers
  • your responses to her answers
  • any stories you choose to tell
  • and sequencing into another topic
Natural follow up to her answers to continue the conversation can be as follows;
  • Why is that?
  • What are your thoughts on X?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • What is it about X that you like/dislike?
  • If you could change X or have it differently, what might you prefer, why?
Your responses should range from negging, to busting her balls, from commonality to vulnerability stories.

The following structure can be a comfort conversational escalation ladder that you can use:


Where do you live? How far? With parents, friends, flatmates?
How old are you?

Goals and Hobbies

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Do you have any hobbies? (No, so what do you do in your spare time?)
Who do you spend the most time with?
What do you like doing more than anything else? If you could be paid to be anything in the world what would it be?
If you could be anyone or anything for one day, what would it be?
What's the best/worst job you ever had?
Are you rich? Do you plan to be?
What's your proudest accomplishment?


What matters most to you - career, family, friends or guys?
If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?
If you died today, what would you miss most? What would you be saddest about not being able to do in the future?


What kind of crowd do you hang out with these days?
Do you keep friends for long? Are you still close with high school/university friends?
Do you have a best friend? How long have you known them?
What's important to you for someone to be a good friend?

Personality type

In a word, how would you describe yourself? How do you think your friends would describe you?
If they bottled your personality what would it be called?
A new law says you have to change your name to match your personality, so what shall we call you from now on?
If you were to be an animal, what would you be and why?
How often do you do new things or make plans and follow through on them?
If you're going to change your name, what would you make it?
What female celebrity would you most like to be? Which do you relate to most and why? If they were to make a movie about your life, who would you want as the role lead?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?


What do you live your life by? What's your motto?
If your life was rated a movie, what classification would it get, which genre?
If you were in a western on a wanted poster, what would be your crime?
If you could have one magical power, which one would it be and how would you use it?
What in life do you fear?
What do you think most about - past, present or future?
Swimming in a cold pool, do you wade in slowly or jump? What about bandaids, do you tear it straight off or bit by bit?
What do you think life would have been like if you were a guy? What would you like most/least about being the opposite sex?

Day to day

Shower or bath? Hot or cold? Long or short? Morning or night?
Alarm clock - how many snoozes a day?
Sleeping - snorer? Nightlight? Sleep walker? Midnight snacker?
Phobias? Spiders, snakes, planes?


What do you get like when you're drunk?
When was the first time you got really hammered?
Favourite drink?
Who holds you back when you've had one too many?
What was the closest you ever came to being arrested?
What are some of your favourite clubs? Do you have any good connections?
What's the craziest party you've ever been to and what happened?


Do you cook, what's your best dish?
What's the primary staple of your diet?
What's your worst temptation?
If you could have anything right now to eat, what would it be?


Favourite season?
Favourite holiday? Christmas and family, big deal? Halloween and what to wear? Wildest New Year's?


What's the most daring stunt you've ever pulled?
When's the last time you went on a good rollercoast and felt your stomach just drop out beneath you?


What's your favourite kind of music?
What's your favourite CD?
What's the last concert you saw?
What's the most embarrassing CD you ever owned?
Did you ever play a musical instrument? Well?
Which genre of movies? Scariest movie you've seen?


Favourite place to shop?
If you were granted unlimited funds, what would you splurge it on?
What's the scariest thing in your closet?
What's your favourite item of clothing?
What's your most embarrassing hairstyle you ever had?
What do you like your style to project you as a person?


Which of your relatives are you closest with? Who understands you the most/best? Who do you miss the most when you go away?
If you weren't feeling well, who would be there to take care of you?
What sort of role do you play in your family?
Who's the strict one in your family?
Who in your family would you like to be closer to?
Who's the annoying one, like the one on holidays who asks 'Are we there yet' or pokes people?
Who's your funniest relative?
What's your family like at get togethers?
Siblings? What were the best and worst things about having them around?


Are you an animal lover? Geez not that kind, which country do we live in?
What's the first pet you ever owned? What was the weirdest pet you ever had? Most affectionate pet?
Cats or dogs?


What were you like as a kid?
Were you a troublemaker. I bet you tried to be totally badass.
Were you more likely to get dirty in the mud or host a dainty tea party?
Which one - teddy bear or dolls? Did you have a favourite? What was its name? What did it look like? Do you still have it today?
Which childhood toy do you most wish you could get back?
What were you most likely to run around the house pretending to be?
Did you ever belong to a clubhouse (girls only)?
Video games? Even as a kid? Extra points if it was a NES.....Duck Hunt?
What did you do with your summers as a kid?
Do you remember your tongue twisters? What's the hardest one you learned?
You know that nursery rhyme 'this little pig went to market?' How did that go?
Did you clown around a lot? What's the goofiest face you can make?

Growing Up

What was your most awkward geekiest age and why?
If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?
What's the worst you ever cheated in school?
How have you changed most since you were a kid?
How have you changed most in the last five years?
Were girls ever attracted to cartoon characters growing up?


Do you believe in ESP?
Do you read your horoscope?
Have you ever seen a psychic? Had a tarot/palm reading?

Faith, life and death

Are you religious, spiritual, both/neither?
Do you ever wonder what happens after it all?
What's the closest you ever came to dying?
Do you ever consider that it could all be over, or things could change in a heartbeat just about any minute of the day?


What's the best place you've ever been?
If you were to live anywhere else in the world, where would you go?
What's the longest vacation you've ever been on?


Who was the first boy you ever had a crush on?
Have you ever been in love, like the big one with the capital L? How did you know it?
Have you ever just met someone and yet somehow, felt almost as if you'd known them your whole life? Like it's just that easy to relate to them?
What's the first signal, the first recognition you get inside yourself when you know you're really, really attracted to someone?
What's your idea of a dream date? Describe your dream getaway.
Have you ever prepared a candlelight dinner?
Have you ever had/made breakfast in bed?
Have you ever picked a guy up before? Do you think you could?
What's something nice your exs say about you? Something not nice?

Her kind of guys

What kind of guys do you usually go for?
Who is your favourite celebrity? Which celebrity have you had a secret crush on?
In the movie of your life, who would play your love interest? Who would play you?
If your perfect guy was an ice cream what would it be called?
Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with for 15 minutes? If it was your birthday, who would you most like to see jump out of the cake? Whose shower curtain would you most like to be? (and don't say 'me' - we just met).
What does your family think about your taste?
Have you ever bought a guy flowers before? What have you bought?


What was your first kiss like?
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a kisser?
Would you like to kiss me?


What's the sexiest food for a date?
What's your favourite body part? On you, not me, I already know that one....
Do you give good massages? Anyone can say they do. Show me some.
What's the sexiest piece of clothing you own?
Have you ever been to a strip joint? Did you get a lap dance?
What do you find the sexiest job for a guy to have?
Thong, g string or granny panties?
What do you think about male body hair? Shave, wax or trim? What about female?
What's the most exciting place you've ever hooked up with a guy?
Dominant or submissive?
In your experience, is sex a good time for conversation? Vocal or quiet? Dirty talk, small talk or none at all?
Have you ever had a one night stand?

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ring Finger Routine

The second you notice a girl is wearing rings say, "I have to ask before I run, why did you chose to

wear that ring on that particular finger?"

[She responds].

You continue, "Interesting, I have a friend who's a spiritual type, and she just told me that the

fingers you choose to wear your rings on says something about your personality. Each one of these

mounds, the pads on the palm where the fingers join the hand, is represented by a different god.

In ancient Greek culture, you'd wear a ring on that finger to praise and pay homage to that

particular god."

From here, go on to explain each finger one at a time. Start by giving a quick rundown explaining

each of the fingers she isn't wearing a ring on. Then, when you get to the fingers that do have

rings, spend a bit more time by giving her a more detailed cold read.

Here are sample scripts for each of the fingers, feel free to improvise and modify when needed:


"The thumb represents Poseidon. He was extremely independent. He wasn't up on Mount Olympus.

He preferred to be in the sea doing his own thing.

Notice that the thumb kind of sticks out, in a way, it kind of does its own thing as well. People who

wear thumb rings are therefore very individual and independent. They don't follow trends, but

instead prefer to set their own."


"The index finger is represented by Zeus. Zeus was the king of all gods and the god of thunder.

That's a very dominant finger. It represents power and immense energy. Having a ring there

means you tend to be a more dominant person."

End by waving of your index finger at her as if to say "no no no" or "don't do that."


"Your middle finger is represented by Dionysus who is the god of wine and partying. He is an

incredibly irreverent god.

Having a ring there means you tend to do whatever you want and care less about what others


If they're wearing a ring on this finger toss up your middle finger and joke, "It's like saying screw

you to the world." This almost always gets a laugh.


"Your ring finger is of course represented by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Perhaps that's why we

wear our wedding rings on this particular finger.

When you fall for someone, you tend to fall for them completely." This is a great spot to deviate

from your script and work in some romantic cold-reading.

Conclude with "Interestingly, it is the only finger that has a vein that goes straight to the heart

without branching off, so when someone puts a ring on that finger, they're actually making a direct

connection with your heart." If she's comfortable, trace a line from her finger up her arm as you

say this.


"The pinky is represented by Ares, the god of war. You'll often see mobsters with pinky rings on.

On one hand, your pinky ring is a sign that you have a darker side. However, it also indicates that you're a great protector of things. If somebody messes with someone you love, you won't flee from

the conflict, and you’ll quickly step up to defend them. I bet you can be trusted to keep and protect

secrets as well. Maybe that's where the pinky swear comes from."

At the end, you should smile and momentarily lock your pinky with hers.


If she isn't wearing rings and you still want to use this routine, then you can begin by saying "Look

at your hands and imagine that you're wearing some rings. Now, tell me which fingers you're

imagining them on."

If during or after the routine the woman asks, "How do you know this?" You may respond, "An ex-

girlfriend of mine was into mythology and taught it to me."

If she wears a ring on her wedding finger then inquire "Is that an engagement ring or do you just

wear that to keep the womanizers away?" You'll be surprised how often the latter is true.


THUMB = Poseidon representing individuality

INDEX = Zeus representing dominance and power

MIDDLE = Dionysus representing irreverence

RING = Aphrodite representing love and romance

PINKY = Ares representing conflict and protection

DiCarlo's Escalation Ladder

1. Eye Contact and Initial Conversation

Eye contact is the first step. It’s use shows social awareness and always improves your chances of starting a conversation. Start your conversational game shortly after eye contact.

2. Incidental Class 1

The first class of incidental kino involves the arms and hands. Shaking hands, tapping people on the shoulder and brushing arms are all very common things that we do on a daily basis. Done in an incidental manner, ie. occurring merely by chance or without intention or calculation, it is extremely effective at building initial comfort.

Incidental Class 1 Examples:

* Hand shaking
* Arm brushing
* Light touching on her arm to emphasize your points
* Anchoring her arm near elbow to hold her close as you talk
* Standing next to her with your arm touching hers
* High Fives
* Palm Reading

3. Overt Class 1

There is an unmistakable recurring pattern throughout the DEL: incidental kino, followed by overt kino. Overt means open to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret. While incidental kino is usually done in a context which masks your intention, overt kino is not. The incidental kino which precedes it creates the familiarity necessary for the overt kino to be accepted.

Overt Class 1 Examples:

* Holding hands
* Arm in arm escorting

4. Incidental Class 2

Class 2 kino involves any contact which takes place on her torso or legs. This is slightly more intimate than class 1, but does not include erogenous zones such as her breasts, crotch or inner thighs. Those areas are not paid any direct attention until the escalation ramp - to be defined later.

Incidental Class 2 Examples:

* Standing very close with your legs touching hers
* Sitting close together with your legs touching hers
* Lightly and incidentally brushing her abdomen with your hands while talking
* Briefly touching her back with your palm while speaking as if you are pulling her in to hear you better

5. Overt Class 2

Overt class 2 kino is usually done while sitting down. It’s not necessary, but definitely a smart place to make the transition to sitting down. This class of kino should be done in a protective, almost romantic manner.

Overt Class 2 Examples:

* Frontal Hugging (done best as a positive reaction to her compliance)
* Escorting her through the bar with your hand on her lower back
* Sitting next to her and placing her leg over yours
* Holding her abdomen on the side while sitting down and talking
* Placing her hand on your thigh

6. Incidental Class 3

Her hair, face and neck are the regions included in class 3. Many guys make the common mistake of touching these areas too soon, with a girl they first met. Girls are surprisingly protective of their hair, face and neck placing these relatively high on the ladder. Another common mistake is that more experienced guys will generally skip this step altogether, only to face last minute resistance later on.

Incidental Class 3 Examples:

* Brushing (or pretending to brush) something off of her face
* Talking very closely with your face touching hers because the environment is extremely loud
* Touching an interesting neckace she’s wearing, meanwhile allowing your fingers to lightly caress her neck
* Playfully pinching her cheeks

7. Overt Class 3

The manner in which kino is delivered in overt class 3, is very direct. It is meant to prepare her for kissing, and is done in a very slow, gentle and romantic way. Most of the time you should be sitting down, relaxed and maintaining a good sexual state and strong eye contact.

Overt Class 3 Examples:

* Placing her head to rest on your shoulder
* Moving your face into her neck and smelling her
* Lightly stroking her face with your finger, close in, looking into her eyes
* Running your fingers through her hair, close in, looking into her eyes
* Holding her behind the neck with your palm to the side of her neck, looking into her eyes

Escalation Ramp

While the above steps from 1-7 may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours, the escalation ramp is very rapid. The duration of the ramp should be about 10 - 30 minutes. Start the ramp very quickly once you have complete isolation in a sex location.

8. Kissing

Start kissing from a very close proximity. Don’t come diving in lips first from three feet away. Ideally you should already be in a suitable position for kissing before you try. If you have overt class 3 kino taken care of, you’re probably in the right spot.

A technique for building sexual tension - move closely in, slowly as if you might kiss her, and then move away and start talking about something else. This will build the tension and she will wonder when you’re going to actually kiss her.

A technique to initiate kissing - try placing your finger just underneath her chin and pulling her mouth towards yours.

Kissing should be light and short at first. You should be the one to pull away first. Don’t use too much tounge at first, just use it to tease her, and build anticipation.

9. Kissing Her Neck

Once you have kissed her for a bit, move down to her neck. Kiss it gently, while holding her close to you. Depending on how rough you want to set the mood, feel free to throw in some gentle biting too.

10. Touching the Bare Skin of Her Back

Once you have established kissing both on her mouth and neck, move your hands to her waist and underneath her shirt. Continue to hold her close to you, now with your hands directly on her back.

11. Stomach to Stomach

Now that you have established touching her skin, below her shirt, simply move your hand to the front, and lift her shirt, exposing only her stomach. At the same time lift your shirt as well so that your abdomen is in direct contact with hers.

It seems innocent, but will meanwhile trigger intense sexual feelings inside of her. The only time she feels contact like that is usually when she’s naked and having sex.

12. Kissing her Body

Having her shirt pulled up affords the opportunity of moving downwards to kiss and caress the bare flesh of her abdomen. Start kissing her there, along the sides, and move upwards.

Touching and kissing the breasts is optional. It is not necessary, and in some cases can be detrimental to your progress. There are some women who have a negative anchor to their breasts. Inch toward their breasts and feel her reaction. If she becomes increasingly turned on, then go for it. If she starts to close down, skip the breasts until you are already having sex.

13. Incidentally Stimulate Vagina

While you are kissing her body, you can position yourself between her legs and use your midsection to rub against her vagina. If you are kissing her mouth you can position your thigh to stimulate her vagina.

You can also be kissing her body and reach between her legs and plant your hand on the bed below her. Then use your forearm to stimulate her vagina. The key here is that because you aren’t using your hand or fingers, she has no basis for objection.

14. Direct Vaginal Stimulation from Behind (Inside Panties)

Once you have really amped her up by incidentally rubbing her vagina, move your hand around to the back and slip it inside her panties and touch her naked ass.

Next, move your hand all the way down and reach her vagina. Start first by touching the area around it. Then proceed to finger her from behind. Women never expect to have it happen this way. Trying to reach your hand down the front of her pants will often be resisted, but from the rear is unexpected and effective.

If she is wearing a skirt or dress, you will instead move your hand up the back of her leg, and reach her vagina that way. Finger her and then proceed directly to step 16.

15. Direct Vaginal Stimulation in Front

Get her heated up by fingering her, and then when once she is sufficiently turned on, undo the front of her pants with your other hand.

You can use the Situationally Relevant phrase “My hand is being crushed” as you do it, although it’s usually not necessary. Since she is engaged by the fact that you are fingering her, she will rarely object to your simultaneous undoing of her pants. You may also have her undo her pants, by saying “Unbutton your pants.” as you are fingering her.

Moving to the front, you’ll be able to get more penetration with your fingers, and get her to the point where she is practically begging for sex. Use a firm “come-hither” motion pulling forward on the front vaginal wall and stimulating her g-spot.

16. Remove Her Pants, Sex

The idea is to get her so heated up by fingering her, that she makes a commitment to sex, verbally or physically.

There are a few ways to go about this. Firstly, it is very important that you don’t stop fingering her before her pants are off. Too many times a guy will stop fingering her, and then try to take off her pants, only to get more resistance.

While fingering her you can say “Do you want me inside you?” Which will usually get a “Yes.” response. At that point you say “Ok, take off your pants.” and continue to finger her until her panties are off, and she’s ready to go.

Another option is to skip the question and directly tell her to take off her pants. Usually with your fingers busy at work, she will be more than compliant.

Another technique is to ask her “Do you want me to get a condom?” In 90% of all girls you ask this, they will say “Yes.” Not because they are saying they want sex, but because they want to appear safe and level headed. You will interpret this as the permission to get a condom and have sex with her, and it will most likely be met without opposition.


Additional Points

1. Higher Levels Unlock Access to Lower Levels

The rungs of the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder may be treated exactly the same as compliance levels. The point is, any time you reach a higher level through situational relevance, it unlocks the lower levels automatically.

A good example of this is in a loud club or bar, you can reach in and talk directly into her ear, getting incidental class 3 kino, touching the side of your face to hers. You are speaking to her in a way that is dictated by the situation, so it is accepted. If you accomplish this without her resistance, all lower levels will become unlocked.

2. Execution of the Escalation Ramp

The escalation ramp, which consists of steps 8-16 is most effectively executed in isolation in a sex location. It is not efficient to start the ramp with the intention of finishing it at a later time. Starting the ramp without finishing it will lead to an increase in flaking and decrease a woman’s attraction toward you.

This is because these sexual behaviors were formed thousands of years ago when we were still living in caves. The natural instintual urges, combined with a lack of knowledge of modern-day sexual consequences meant that escalation with a woman would 100% of the time lead to sex.

By executing the ladder correctly, you are matching her genetic sexual programming and giving it to her the exact way that she wants it.

It is acceptable to do the first part of the ramp - kissing - outside of a suitable sex location, but only if you plan on completing the ramp later in that same meeting. It’s not to say that kissing a girl on a non-sex meet will destroy your chances, but it certainly won’t improve them. Kiss-closes may look impressive and feed your ego, but aren’t technically optimum.

3. Incidental Vs. Overt Kino

There is always a question as to how to execute these different pieces of kino. In general, you should spend most of your time in the incidental phase, getting her comfortable with contact in those regions.

This pattern of incidental followed by overt is almost like a Jedi mind trick. Use the incidental kino in a very non-invasive, very much under the radar manner, and her subconscious will automatically accept the subsequent overt kino.

Since she accepts the overt kino, it is through a process of backwards rationalization that her attraction for you increases. The key is to make the overt kino extremely short. Each overt phase in the initial ladder should have a duration of 5-10 seconds. You’re not going to be holding her hand in the club for 5 minutes at a time while in class 1. Keep it short and sweet.

4. Group Ladder Theory

There is quite a bit of evidence supporting the idea of a “group ladder” concept. Within a tightly knit group of girls who share a “collective emotional state” with each other, it is possible that whatever step on the ladder you achieve with one girl can transfer over very easily to the other girls in the group.

In a sense, each group of girls has a ladder, which represents your escalation with that group. If you can comfortably touch and hold a girl at a certain point in the ladder, it creates an implicit trust of “this guy is cool” for the other girls in the group at that same level. Keep in mind, however, this does not include the escalation ramp, although it has been observed to happen with kissing quite readily.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Limousine Eyelash Routine

When asked the most boring question known to man. 'What do you do?' A nice guy is going to give a direct answer. A PUA is going to give a C&F answer but here's something else, brand spanking new from Gambler.

Your response is:

Well, I'm actually a (real occupation), but I don't really like answering that question since being a (real occupation) isn't who I actually am and it's not the thing I love doing the most. I'm currently going to salsa dancing lessons and learning how to cook and something else that I've just started and I am really passionate about is poetry. In fact I've just written my first poem. (pause). I worked on it for ages and I just finished it last night. (Pause, at this point, your target is likely to ask to want to hear it). I haven't told it to anyone and I don't know if you'd appreciate it or would you just laugh. I want you to listen to it and be serious.

Then tell the poem with appropriate emotion, gesturing, facial expressions, tone etc.

Daydream delusion
Limousine eyelash
Oh baby with your pretty face
Drop a tear in my wine glass
Look at those big eyes
See what you mean to me
I am a deluded angel
I am a fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don't want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we're going
Launched in life
Like branches in the river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I'll carry you, you'll carry me
That's how it could be
Do you know me?
Do you know me by now?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Top 10 Handholding Techniques

1. The Passive Hand Hold
This is hand holding in its simplest form: your target’s hand gently but firmly cupped in yours. It’s most appropriate for public environments where you want to remain tasteful and avoid looking “clingy,” but is still a great, effective way to add physical contact.

2. The Intertwined Fingers Hand
Hold A step up from the Passive Hand Hold, Intertwined Fingers provides a firmer grip and an increased sense of intimacy. This type of hand holding is perfect while taking a walk together, but it can have a downside of sweaty palms, so make sure to keep your hands dry.

3. The One-Finger Hand Hold
Holding just one of your target’s fingers is a more romantically playful method for times when you’re feeling flirtatious. This is the easiest hand hold for your target to pull away from, but is great to test for higher level of compliance.

4. The Massaging Hand Hold
Turning a simple hand-holding session into a relaxing massage is a wonderful intimate surprise to give your target. There’s an art to a massage, and an unlimited number of ways you can caress your target’s hands and give attention to each finger. This hand-holding method is best used while sitting down and isolated!

5. The Two-Hand Hold
Here’s another technique that is tough to do while standing, but one of the best ways to add some serious physicality and intimacy to hand holding. Taking your target’s hand in both of yours will give her a deep sense of comfort, importance and relaxation.

6. The Palm Caress Hand
Hold This method is an intimate, secret way to tastefully caress your target’s hand without being noticed by others around you. This way you can escalate the handhold in set. Starting with the Passive or Intertwined Fingers technique, use one of your fingers to gently rub your sweetheart’s palm in an up-and-down or swirling fashion. This also indicates sexual contact and great way to test if your target is ready to go!

7. The Kissing Hand Hold
The Kissing Hand Hold is perfect for intimate situations when you’re isolated with your special someone, and is often combined with the Two-Hand Hold. Clean hands are perfect for kissing, and you should never be afraid to shower your target’s fingertips, palms and wrists with gentle romantic pecks! Ideal to do before a full kiss close.

8. The Gentle Pinching Hand Hold
This one isn’t right for every set, and can be a little too playful and rough for some target’s. But gently pinching your lover’s fingertips and palms, if done correctly, can be an exciting, fun experience for you and your target, as long as you make sure you don’t do it too hard and you calibrate.

9. The Warm-Up Hand Hold
When it’s cold outside, there’s no better way to warm up your fingers than by having them caressed and rubbed lovingly. Don’t make your target use a heater when you have two perfectly good, warm hands to help them out! Combine this technique with the Massaging Hand Hold for a bigger effect.

10. The The Morse-Code Hand Hold
This is the most unorthodox and interactive hand-holding technique, but can be a heck of a lot of fun if you teach your target a few codes prior to doing. You must agree ahead of time of a phrase that you want to share with each other silently-such as “That girl/guy is stupid”-and assign it a number of squeezes that correspond with the syllables in the phrase. Your target will remember that when you squeeze three times it means “That-girl/guy-is-stupid” . . . and can respond with a one-squeeze “yeap”! This will allow you to create conspiracy through kino.

Source: Adonis @ Charming Rouge

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Setting Tasks - Buying Drinks

A woman's power is going to increase as she asks you to do her tasks. If a girl asks you to buy her a drink and you don't buy her one, you're going to come across as cheap.

It's perfectly OK to buy her a drink if you get her to do a task for it. So ask her what she wants, then slip her the money in her hand. Making sure it's enough for hers and your drink. Make an excuse that you need to go to the bathroom or make a phone call and you'll be back in a few minutes. Pick a fairly complicated drink for her to order, like a cocktail, be fussy about something like the amount of ice cubes or a coke with lime not lemon.

Then when you come back to your drink, look at your drink and tell her you're impressed as most girls get it completely wrong, but she's the first girl to get it right. Cheers.

Evolution Phase Shift Routine

Tell her that she smells good. Ask her what she's wearing. Lean in, and brush her hair aside, sniff slowly from her shoulder to her ear. Say 'Mmm, that smells good. People don't pay enough attention to smell. But you'll notice how animals, before they mate, will always smell each other. Evolution has wired us to respond to certain things. You are wired to respond when someone smells you'.

It's like when someone pulls the back of your hair. You'll notice how lions, when they mate, always bite and tug at the end of each other's mane, right here. This is one of my favourite things. (Run hand up back of her neck, grab a fistful of hair at the roots and pull down'. She'll likely respond with 'Mmmm'. You 'See'.

No one knows this, but the most sensitive places on the body are places that are usually hidden from contact with the air, like the back of the elbow (touch it) and the knee (touch it). Any place where your body bends, twists or folds, there are millions of sensitive little nerve endings that release endorphins. Take her arm, bend it a little. Erotically bite the are opposite her elbow, ask her how good it fees. Take a big chunk of skin, slowly, firmly slide teeth together until meet and release the skin.

But do you know what the best thing in the world is. A bite right here. Point to the side of the neck. this has to do with the fact that it is where the juglar vein is most exposed and since most sexual fantasies have to do with submission and vulnerability, it sends all the fantasy signals flying. Tell her to bite you there. If she doesn't turn calmy away to punish her. Wait a few seconds and turn back and tell her to bite you on the neck.

If it was a lame bite. Say "That's now how you bite. Come her. Give her a good bite. Instruct her to try again, look her in the eye, smile approvingly, say very slowly, not bad. Glance down at mouth, back to eyes and kiss.

The phases are;
Grab hair
touch elbow
touch back of knee
bite elbow
bite your neck
bite her neck
triangular gazing